Increase profitability and neutralise the carbon footprint of your business with a biomass heating system from Perthshire Biofuels.
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Installing the highest quality technology, using our experience and integrity, we tailor each biomass (or solar thermal) installation to your individual needs and circumstances – creating successful renewable energy heating systems – to start your journey with the fuel of the future…

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Why Biofuel? – Burn Wood for Bigger Profits!

Whatever your building – be it a hotel, a guest house, offices, warehouse, church or school – it needs heat and heat costs.  If you are not on mains gas then your heat costs a lot.  Biomass heating not only reduces your business carbon footprint, but reduces business costs and now pays dividends too.

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Can biomass heating work for me?

At Perthshire Biofuels we help you make the right choices,  selecting the fuel and boiler best for you.  If it is total automation you need, then the wonderful Ökofen Pellematic system – with outputs of up to 224kW  – is the number one.  If you fancy chips then we are accredited installers for the respected Froling boilers with outputs ranging from 24kW to 500kW. If space is at a premium in existing buildings then both these systems can be supplied containerised.

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